557 Bottom Blowdown System

The Stickle Series 557 Intermittent Blowdown System is designed to effectively manage the disposal of intermittent boiler blowdown.

How it Works

The blowdown is first introduced into the blowdown flash tank. Here the pressure of blowdown is reduced from the boiler pressure to near atmosphere pressure. The resultant flash steam is safely dissipated through the vent. At this point, the remaining blowdown condensate is still too hot (approx. 212° F) to be drained to the sewer without possible piping and environmental damage. The blowdown condensate temperature is therefore reduced to a maximum of 120-140° F for satisfactory blowdown drainage to the sewer.

The blowdown condensate temperature is reduced at the aftercooler. The aftercooler allows the hot condensate to be cooler by diluting it with cold water. The amount of cold water introduced is determined by a temperature controller via a diaphragm control valve in the cold water line. The controller monitors the temperature of the mixture downstream from the aftercooler and controls the cold water flow.

Maximum allowable pressure of city water to aftercooler valve is 250 PSIG. City water should be no warmer than 75° F. The steam vent line (supplied by others) should not contain any restrictions. Line size should not be smaller than connection size.