Flash Tank

In these times of exorbitant energy costs, conservation of heat in every area of steam handling and usage is a prime concern. The flash tank is a powerful weapon in your fight for energy conservation.

The flash tank serves a vital function: The safe reduction of pressure and temperature of a water stream while containing all of the heat content of the water when used in a closed system. In fact, the flash tank is the component which allows a closed system design to be used.

In a flash tank, the pressure of the incoming water is reduced. A portion of the water instantly changes, "flashes", into steam. This steam may be reused to replace or supplement what otherwise would be live steam from the boiler.

For any plant or process which utilizes steam the flash tank is a necessity in safely and efficiently handling the resultant condensate as well as other water streams. Here are some of the common applications for which a flash tank has earned a reputation as safe, reliable, and economical:

  • Cascade condensate drainage systems
  • High pressure condensate return systems
  • Condensate heat recovery
  • Continuous boiler blowdown heat recovery
  • Reduced pressure steam generation
  • Steady state differential drainage
  • Intermittent boiler blowdown discharge