200 Spray Type Deaerator

200 Spray Type Internals

Stickle's Deaerators primary function is to extract the corrosive gases oxygen and carbon dioxide from the feedwater, saving the entire system from corroding from the inside-out.

How it Works

The Stickle Series 200 Deaerator is a two-stage spray type design. Cold water make-up and low pressure returns are introduced into the deaerator. At stage 1, the cold water make-up and low pressure returns enter through the spray heads, which are pressure and flow compensating, spring loaded type. Here, in the direct contact internal vent condenser, the cold water and low pressure returns are broken down for initial heating and deaeration. Most of the corrosive gases are released at this stage and are vented to the atmosphere through the Automatic Air Vent Valve.

Stage II is a supplemental heating and agitating process. Water treated in stage 1 is completely hated to within one degree Fahrenheit of the relative pressure being maintained on the deaerator. Having passed through stage II, complete oxygen and carbon dioxide removal has been achieved to the accepted level of "zero" (Solubie oxygen not to exceed .005 cc per litre and soluble carbon dioxide to be virtually zero, as ascertained by indigo carmine test method.)

The final deaeration is accomplished by the use of a spring loaded steam atomizer. The high velocity steam blasts the water gravitated from stage 1 to this point. Remaining amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide are released, and evacuated through the automatic air vent valve. The use of an automatic air vent valve minimizes the amount of steam that escapes the vessel, but insures full venting of all non-condensable gases.

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Design and Materials

The Stickle Series 200 is designed and constructed for easy maintenance and durable service for years. All internals contacting non-deaerated water are constructed of Type 316 stainless steel, minimum thickness to be 12 gauge. All component parts of the Series 200 are easily removable from the unit. The spray heads and steam atomizer are removable from the exterior of the vessel, facilitating periodic maintenance with entry or draining the deaerator. The internal stainless steel pan assembly knocks down to pass through the manway. The exclusive design of Stickle Deaerators has established it as an industry leader in performance.


The Stickle Series 200 Deaerating Feedwater Heater evolved from our first Open Coil Feedwater Heater patented in 1901. The first generations of Stickle Feedwater Heaters were employed to capture boiler feedwater. However, it was later learned the feedwater heater was serving the more important role of removing the corrosive gases oxygen and carbon dioxide from the feedwater. Since our founding in 1907, Stickle Steam Specialties has accumulated over 225 man-years of deaerator manufacturing experience, resulting in the successful maufacture of hundreds of deaerators.


Stickle Steam believes if you build the best in the world, you have to back it! We offer an exclusive, 10 year non-prorated warranty. The warranty covers the vessel, spray device, and all internals as manufactured by Stickle Steam Specialties Co., Inc.