High Pressure Receiver

High Pressure Receiver High Pressure Receiver assembly

The Stickle High Pressure Receiver has become the system of choice among plant engineers, process engineers, and boiler room personnel alike. Its design has been honed and refined to become the absolute best system for complete and economical recovery of high pressure and temperature condensate from your process. Its simplicity of design remains unsurpassed, having been approved and confirmed time after time by the toughest of all possible tests—real-world applications.

The Function

The Stickle High Pressure Receiver is designed for processes which operate at 75 psig and higher. The function of the Stickle TherMiser is to return all available process condensate to the boiler and to recycle all the available heat energy of the condensate. By contrast, many existing condensate return systems drain the condensate into a receiver and let it vent off in to the atmosphere. This alows a substantial portion of the condensate to flash into steam, which loses the steam to its surroundings. The Stickle High Pressure Receiver completely eliminates the loss of any condensate and the heat it contains.

The Operation

First patented by Stickle in 1934, the Stickle High Pressure Receiver's principle of operation is extremely simple: The movement of fluid depends on the difference in pressure between its source and its destination. The Stickle High Pressure Receiver utilizes the principle of operation by maintaining a constant positive pressure differential between the process and the receiver (i.e. across the trap or other drainage device). The amount of pressure differential allows complete evacuation of condensate, yet it's small enough to keep any substantial portion of the condensate from flashing. The normal 1%-3% resultant flash steam is fed into the user's deaerator (or other system requiring steam) as a supplement to the normal steam supply. This results in all of the condensate's heat being kept within the system.

The pressure and temperature of condensate in the Stickle High Pressure Receiver is usually within 30 psi and 20-25° F of the pressure and temperature of the water in the boiler. Since the Stickle High Pressure Receiver is a closed loop system, the condensate can be pumped directly back to boiler, without need for deaeration.

One important feature of the Stickle High Pressure Receiver is if the process pressure varies, the receiver pressure of the Stickle High Pressure Receiver always tracks with the same variance, but at a pressure less than the process pressure. In other words, the Stickle High Pressure Receiver always maintains a constant pressure differential regardless of what the process is doing. Since movement of condensate is dependent upon a difference in pressure from one point to another, rather than the absolute pressure at either point, the result is uninterrupted flow of condensate in every situation.

The Benefits

The benefits of utilizing the Stickle High Pressure Receiver when compared to a boiler feed system or low pressure deaerator alone is quite substantial:

  • Worry-Free Condensate Removal – The fundamental operating principle of drainage the Stickle High Pressure Receiver provides failsafe condensate removal from the process at all times.
  • Energy Savings – By containing all the heat inherent in the condensate, the Stickle High Pressure Receiver's payback from fuel savings is stunningly short.
  • Water Savings – Make-up water replacing lost flash steam is eliminated.
  • Reduces Deaerator Load – All process condensate bypasses the deaerator. The make-up water requirement is substantially lowered. The deaerator, or boiler feed system, only needs to handle just make-up water for that water which is lost only in the process itself plus boiler blowdown.
  • Reduces Boiler Blowdown – Since the make-up demand is reduced, a representative amount of boiler blowdown flow is eliminated.
  • Reduces Boiler Strain – The water that is pumped to the boiler from the Stickle High Presssure Receiver is very close to the temperature of the water within the boiler. The boiler can offer much lower heat input to the feedwater to raise it to boiler temperature and pressure.

The Stickle Concept

The Stickle High Pressure Receiver will function satisfactorily with existing condensate equipment and piping. However, it may be found the improvement potential of the Stickle High Pressure Receiver may be restricted by problems of the existing condensate system such as trap failure or inadequate piping.

The Stickle High Pressure Receiver may be made an integral part of the comprehensive condensate return system engineered and supplied in its entirety by Stickle. This comprehensive system is offered by Stickle in two basic configurations: The ModuFlow 860 and the OmniFlow 870. Both of these comprehensive systems are engineered by Stickle with the same goals in mind as the Stickle High Pressure Receiver. Each system would encompass the entire condensate return path beginning at the process connection(s), including all condensate return components and the deaerator if desired. Both the ModuFlow 860 and OmniFlow 870 completely eliminate the use of steam traps.

Stickle also offers turnkey installation and start-up of all equipment. The advantage to you is that Stickle provides single source responsibility for the whole condensate return function, from the process straight through to the boiler.