860 Cascade Steam System

860 Cascade System

State of the art technology is now available for your high pressure condensate return needs. The Stickle 860 Cascade System efficiently and economically provides optimum removal of condensate from your constant pressure process. Condensate flow is continually modulated in instant response to process demands prohibiting blow-through steam and interrupted flow. Each system is custom engineered to match the requirements of the process.

The Operation

The 860 Cascade System is a closed system that maximizes energy conservation by returning condensate to the boiler with a minimum drop in temperature and pressure. There is no loss of steam to atmosphere as in conventional vented and low pressure systems.

Because the system works on a simple constant differential principle, a drop in steam pressure across the process regulates the drainage of condensate from the equipment. This pressure drop ensures full flow of condensate from the process and resultant steam flow into the process. A liquid seal is maintained in the return system at all equipment drainage points.

Condensate is ultimately received into the Stickle High Pressure Receiver Condensate Recovery System in the boiler room. The High Pressure Receiver operates at a pressure only slightly less than boiler pressure. From there, the condensate is pumped directly into the boiler. Flash steam at the rate of approximately one percent of condensate flow is generated within the High Pressure Receiver. This steam is then directed, through a control valve, to the Stickle Series 200 deaerator to supplement the heating steam required by the deaerator.

As an alternative to the High Pressure Receiver and the Series 200 Deaerator, Stickle offers the DeaeReturn 285. The DeaeReturn 285 is one piece of equipment which handles both the high pressure condensate return and the deaerating function. Space requirements are greatly reduced while system integrity is maintained.

The Benefits

Originally designed for the corrugating industry, the 860 Cascade System is experiencing growing use in other industries such as food processing and petroleum reclaiming. In each application the benefits obtained by the ModuFlow 860 are impressive.

Saves Steam – Blow-through and vented steam are eliminated. Live steam demand to the deaerator is reduced. Plants with vented systems can expect to reduce steam consumption by a minimum of 15%.

Eliminates Steam Traps – Traps are eliminated along with trap problems, including constant and expensive maintenance.

Improves Production – By eliminating steam traps the system ends the problem of blow-through steam. The ModuFlow 860 handles changing load conditions smoothly, automatically compensates for changing flow rates, even continues operation without problems when the process is temporarily shut down. The operation ensures a constant differential across the machine which ensures higher operating temperatures. This is due to the fact that condensate build-up within the process is eliminated with the ModuFlow 860, thereby eliminating characteristic heat transfer retardation.

Saves Make-up Water – With the elimination of vented steam, the need for make-up water is reduced by as much as 95%

Saves Fuel and Electricity – Since all available high pressure condensate is recycled, less fuel is needed for making steam: The necessary heat input to the boiler feedwater is greatly reduced; Less electricity is required for pumping; and smaller motors can be used because pressure differential is utilized to evacuate condensate.

Reduces Boiler Strain – Because condensate is returned to the boiler with little temperature drop, there is less boiler strain, less boiler maintenance, and less chemical treatment required.